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258                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

(Enclosed in the above.)

TO   SIR   SIDNEY   SMITH,   &C.,  &C.

Dropmore, July igth, 1798.

MY DEAR SIR,I have just received your
letter, enclosing one from Mr. Swinburne to you
on the subject of his conduct in France. As Mr.
Swinburne was employed under the direction of
two other departments of the King's Government,
it does not belong to me to pronounce upon his
conduct. At the same time I have no difficulty
in saying that I am not aware that there is the
least ground for doubting the perfect rectitude of
his intentions, though he does not appear to me
to have always judged properly as to the means
of giving effect to them.

Believe me, dear Sir,
Most truly and sincerely yours,


London, January ^rd, 1801.
I have seen Sir William   Hamilton  and  the
famous Einma.1   He is just the same in looks as

i Lady Hamilton.